Spanish Golden Visa

Spain introduced a law offering residency permits to non-EU nationals for an investment of 500.000 EUR or more in Spanish property and other assets. This law enables non-EU nationals to get qualified residency permits and the ability to travel freely in European Schengen area, if certain conditions are fulfilled.
Investors can apply if make a significant investment in Spain:
– Property investment (€500,000)
– Shares or bank deposits (€1 million)
– Public debt (€2 million)
– Business projects in Spain considered being of general interest.
The requirements and the documents needed depends of any case.
The applicant must meet several requirements, such as, not to have entered or stayed illegally in Spanish territory, have to be 18 years or over, have public or private health insurance authorized to operate in Spain……
This residency permit means the right to live in Spain and travel freely to Spain which is within the Schengen visa area of Europe (the aplicant and her immediate family). The legislation has no minimum period of residence. Hence an investor can buy a property in Spain, travel freely to Spain at any point and his or her family can do the same.
If you are thinking in coming to live in Spain, Good Way tax&legal and our lawyers will take care of the application for residence, and the full Golden Visa program, residence for the family, etc.

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