How to solve the problem of work absenteeism

Absenteeism is a factor that must be given due importance.

We are familiar with the terms of justified absenteeism (with medical losses) and even the unjustified (delays and other absences not justified), but to this we must add another type, ie go to work and dedicate the Working hours to personal activities such as browsing web pages, using e-mail for personal purposes or even making personal phone calls.

The absenteeism can cause a reduction in the productivity of the company, generating problems of organization and increasing the costs of the company and finally affecting the work climate.
For this reason, controlling absenteeism is one of the main tasks that a company must take into account.
There are two ways to study in the fight against this problem:


Absenteeism justified by medical reasons is perhaps the most common. It should be thoroughly monitored by means of follow-up of the medical and mutual parts, requiring appropriate medical evidence and controls. The objective is to identify the most common causes and see if the company can intervene to reduce it by applying a correct policy of prevention of occupational risks.

Unreasonable absenteeism related to non-compliance with working hours can be controlled through technological control systems or through the training of middle managers in order to involve them in this control and allow the discrimination of specific cases of situations that become a practice habitual.

Absenteeism for the personal use of company tools / facilities such as the Internet, e-mail or telephone can be reduced by transmitting to employees what is their policy in that area or by means of a press release informative.

Provided that no fundamental rights of the worker are violated, the company is authorized to limit access to the Internet and other tools or materials that employees do not need to carry out their tasks.


The best way to combat absenteeism is to apply an appropriate employee motivation policy.
To do this, it is necessary to know what measures can be taken to increase employee satisfaction, such as hourly flexibility, improved work-family balance, reduced absenteeism premium, etc.

It is important to provide the necessary information on how absenteeism affects the company and how it can affect them on a personal level, so that they are involved and identify with problems that may arise at the corporate level

A fundamental aspect is to analyze the existing work climate, as it can guide the entrepreneur when correcting aspects that are not working properly.

Another option to take into account is the use of exemplary measures such as the disciplinary ones allowed by the legislation.

Ultimately, the fight against absenteeism consists in the worker being aware that the reduction of absenteeism is an improvement at the business level that will affect an improvement at a personal level.

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